People's Guide: UCSB Student Housing Crisis

Now that Munger Hall is behind us, recognizing the scope and moving toward meaningful solutions to our student housing crisis is more crucial than ever. This is the start of an ongoing conversation that will feature a Winter Quarter launch and forthcoming opportunities to meet and discuss campus housing concerns. For now, we present to our campus community:

A People's Guide to UCSB's Student Housing Crisis

Full PDF is available here. Individual sections can be accessed below:

Introduction & ToC

Section 1: The Current State of the Crisis

Section 2: Private Development at UCSB (Munger Hall & Ocean Road)

Section 3: California's Housing Crisis

Section 4: Alternative Options

Section 5: Central Coast Regional Equity Initiative

Addendum: Student Housing Resources 

People's Guide Official Website:

The website provides an interactive and accessible format to navigate essential information, resources, and key takeways regarding student housing.

Image Credit: Daily NexusLos Angeles Times; Santa Barbara Independent